How to Clean Grip Tape

A touch of soil on a skateboard grip tape isn’t normally that awful yet in the event that you stepped on your board with sloppy feet the hold tape may lose its eh hold. There are several different ways to clean your hold tape, yet some work better compared to other people.

The most ideal way of cleaning grip tape is by utilizing a belt sander more clean. Rub it immovably in an orderly fashion and apply strain on the grimy spots on your skateboard deck. Eliminate the buildup on the sander stick and rehash the interaction until you are content with the outcome.

It requires some work and time contingent upon how old and grimy the hold tape is. Results change, and I saw more established grip tape is a lot harder to clean.

Not every person thinks often about soil on their skateboards, but rather assuming you need to clean your hold tape there are two or three things you can do. How about we see what functions, what doesn’t and what to stay away from.

cleaning skateboard with filthy hold tape

Chapter by chapter guide

Belt Sander Cleaner Method

There are a couple of ways of cleaning grip tape however the least expensive and best way is to utilize belt sander more clean. It’s moderately modest and does the work well even in outrageous cases. You can get them for around 10 bucks on the web. It requires some time and exertion yet you can make it look like new. Be mindful so as not to pound your knuckles into the hold tap.

Remove a piece you can in any case hold solidly or simply utilize the entire square or utilize the entire square.

Rub it immovably in an orderly fashion on the grasp the surface and check whether the soil falls off. Rub it harder if necessary

Eliminate the buildup on the stick and keep scouring the hold tape surface

Rehash until you cleaned every one of the grimy spots or you are content with the outcome

I need to bring up that purchasing new hold tape is less expensive, yet this is a one-time buy that will keep going you quite a while. This is by a wide margin the best strategy to clean your grip tape. Remember that you can’t perfect it until it looks pristine.

So we should scrutinize this and see what occurs. Devices you need:

  • A square of belt sander more clean
  • A table and a towel
  • A glove on the off chance that you stress over pounding your fingers or knuckles
  • A brush to eliminate the last pieces of soil


I utilized my table in my nursery and utilized a towel to forestall any harm, it additionally assists with keeping your board set up. Some prescribe to eliminate the trucks, however it isn’t required.

You could utilize a brush to eliminate a portion of the sand on a superficial level and you’re all set. Note that seven days before I ventured into so soil deliberately, it’s the spot toward the back.

Cleaning the Grip Tape

Immovably rub the belt sander block to and fro in an orderly fashion. Eliminate the messy buildup from the square when required. Rehash this interaction until you are glad. For this situation, the week-old spot was not difficult to eliminate however I needed to apply a great deal of tension on to get a few outcomes.

clean your skateboard

The End Result

cleaned skateboard hold tape final product

The outcome is frustrating and I hoped for something else to be straightforward. It’s most likely in light of the fact that the prior and then afterward pictures you see promoted that aren’t extremely practical. This hold tape resembles 4 years of age so it’s difficult to get it completely clean without utilizing cleanser or water. I preferably have messy grasp tape over harming the maple wood, don’t utilize water!

The sides are difficult to clean without harming the tape and the majority of the soil spots will not fall off.

Second Attempt

Time to get another load up and rehash the cycle. This grip tape is around 15 months old and I treated this board well. I just skated this load up under bright conditions so perhaps this time I have more achievement.

filthy grasp tape on skateboard

The most exceedingly awful spots are close to the grizzly logo and bolts, so we should treat this spot first.

clean versus filthy grasp tape contrasts

Much better! I didn’t need to apply a ton of tension and the soil was not difficult to eliminate. Possibly it needs to with the nature of the grip tape or the way that it isn’t generally so old as my other skateboard. Be cautious around the bolt region, on the off chance that you rub over the bolts you can harm the hold tape.

contrasting two cleaned skateboards

The distinctions are quite self-evident. I suppose some hold tape is more enthusiastically to clean than others. It doesn’t make any difference however, as long as it stays grippy you’re ready to ride it.

Metal Wire Brush Method

In the event that strategy one didn’t work it’s an ideal opportunity to get somewhat more extreme. I haven’t attempted this myself yet you can likewise utilize a metal wire brush to get the soil out of the coarseness. Be cautious however, you could harm your tape on the off chance that you apply a lot of tension. Ensure you utilize a gentler brush, not the one to clean your BBQ.

Tenderly brush the grip tape and utilize round developments.

Utilize a normal brush to clear off the soil that surfaces.

Rehash until you’re content with the outcome.

This should eliminate more established soil that is profoundly implanted in the hold tape. Know that you will not have the option to eliminate everything except when done right, it should assist with reestablishing a portion of the grippiness.

What to Avoid

I see many tips online with regards to utilizing water or cleaners like Windex. I genuinely don’t get why this is suggested. You need to get water or any fluid far from your board. In case it’s that terrible, you’re in an ideal situation getting new hold tape it’s only 6 bucks.

Be cautious when utilizing steel brushes. Try not to apply an excessive amount of tension as you will demolish the grasp. You need a brush with fine steel hairs and delicately apply a touch of tension.

Attempt to try not to skate in places with a ton of soil. It’s not only terrible for your grip tape, it will likewise annihilate your orientation.

A Few More Tips

On the off chance that conceivable, leave your skateboard deck out in the sun for some time (not very long), it will make it simpler to eliminate soil. In case it’s too hot external delay until it chills off a little. Allowing your board to stay uncovered to the sun for a really long time may harm the epoxy sap or magic that binds the layers.

Clean your board sometimes, appropriately keeping up with your skateboard wheels, orientation and trucks will make it last significantly longer.

Try not to utilize water to clean your board!

Clean your hold tape quickly. On the off chance that you don’t it will be much harder to eliminate residue and soil.

On the off chance that you have bubble gum stuck on your hold tape, use belt sander more clean. Ensure you eliminate it as quickly as time permits.

On the off chance that you struggle moving your feet around on new hold tape, sand it down a piece utilizing old tape.

On the off chance that your hold tape begins to strip at the edges, attempt to remove some of it and sand it down.

Instructions to Prevent Dirty Grip Tape

Frequently grimy grasp tape is on the grounds that you skated close to mud or sand or a dusty climate. Once in a while you can’t resist however typically, you can forestall your hold tape from getting messy by trying not to step in soil or mud. Try not to skate outside soon after it down-poured, you get mud under your soles and it will stall out.

On the off chance that you end up stepping in a puddle or a sloppy fix, don’t step on your board. Particularly water is your decks most noticeably awful adversary. The maple wood strands retain water which makes them extend. When that happens your deck will lose its pop. A waterlogged deck may look fresh out of the box new outwardly, it in all likelihood will not fly as it used to.

In the event that you simply need to skate and can’t tolerate it any longer, consider a downpour deck. Simply utilize an old board rather than your standard arrangement. Clearly you can skate in indoor stops or discover a detect that has some cover (like parking structures).

Eliminating Old Grip tape

Once in a while it does not merit cleaning hold tape. Hold sands down and needs to supplanted on the double the coarseness is incredibly worn (considering that you don’t snap your deck before that). Supplanting grasp tape isn’t excessively hard yet you need to eliminate the old tape first.

Utilize a hairdryer to warm up the tape and start at either the tail or nose

Hotness the tape for some time and utilize a dainty blade the strip the hold tape

When you figure out how to strip a piece of the grip tape, rehash the interaction on the following spot

When you can get a strong hold you’re ready to scam it. Remain on your deck and gradually eliminate the hold tape.

Stripping off skateboard grasp tape utilizing a hair dryer

Ensure that the graip tape doesn’t tear. You should approach this gradually on the grounds that in any case, you need to start from the very beginning once more. Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to add new grip tape.

Applying New Grip Tape

Here is the precarious part, applying new hold tape isn’t so difficult however it very well may be somewhat of a test the initial time. Simply make the tape covers the whole deck before you scratch the edges.

Eliminate the sheet from the grip tape and cover your board. Try not to apply it right now.

Spot the end close to the tail or nose and gradually apply the tape

Keep it at a point to forestall air bubbles.

Gradually work your direction forward while keeping the point, tap the grip tape and hold the opposite end utilizing your thumb and pointer

Utilize a screwdriver to scratch the edges. Scratch it immovably and rapidly.

Utilize an exceptionally sharp disposable cutter to make a couple of cuts close to the bolts.

Keep the razorblade in a point and cut towards yourself, it’s simpler to get a neat and tidy along these lines.

Sand down the edges with old tape or utilize the pieces you just cut off. This will keep it from stripping off and will streamline the lines.

Cut the bolt openings (deck base) and turn it around. Push the penetrated openings back utilizing a screwdriver.

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