Top Ten Best Skateboard Trucks in 2021

A truck, which is a T-formed instrument, used to guard your skateboard is an absolute necessity have adornment.

They mount on the underside of your skateboard and help to ensure its haggles.

Assuming you are making your skateboard, this adornment turns out to be much more basic to have in your arms stockpile.
Presently I present you with the 20 best skateboard trucks, after that I’d clarify what its provisions, its parts and what precisely you need to realize when getting one is.

How to Buy the Best Skateboard Trucks

Picking the right trucks for your board is urgent as trucks affect the dependability and control you have on your board. Misunderstanding the trucks may make your wheels brush against your deck, which might bring about wounds as your board quickly stops.

The most ideal method for staying away from such circumstances is to get to know the different elements of the trucks. In case you’re stressed over it being muddled, don’t worry. We have you covered. We’ve ordered all of the applicable data in basic terms, so you’ll experience no difficulty understanding the significance and capacity of every part.

Components of Skateboard Trucks


This is a long bar of sorts that is introduced into the holder. The pivot is the place where you append your wheels.


The holder is a three-sided piece of metal; it offers help to the pivot. It truly helps support your trucks when you make turns or perform stunts.


This is the place where every one of the pieces of the truck are joined to. It is additionally the part that you use to mount the trucks onto your deck. You can introduce it utilizing screws.


The Kingpin is perhaps the main pieces of your truck. They fit inside the brushing and essentially hold together every one of the pieces of your trucks. This is the reason it is fundamental for your boss to be top notch and strong.


Brushings are normally made of urethane, and they’re a gathering of delicate rings that are fitted around the boss. The motivation behind the brushings is to guarantee that your skateboard can turn all the more easily.

States of Skateboard Truck

Skateboard trucks for the most part come in three unique shapes. The state of these trucks is controlled by the distance between the deck of your board and the holder of the trucks.

While choosing your trucks, you likewise need to guarantee that the profile of your trucks is viable with the wheel of your skateboard.

Low Profile

On the off chance that you like performing stunts and have more modest wheels, a position of safety pair of trucks would be the most ideal choice for you. Wheels between the sizes 50 mm to 53 mm are ideally suited for low profile trucks.

Low profile trucks consolidate well with little wheels giving you greater soundness as you perform stunts.

Medium Profile

On the off chance that you appreciate cruising down the roads or in skate leaves, medium profile trucks are the most ideal choice for you. These are viable with wheels estimated between 53 mm and 56 mm. The haggle trucks consolidate well to give the control you want to move through turns.


High profile trucks are viable with wheels that are 56 mm or more. These trucks turn out best for sheets that are utilized more in the city.


The width of your trucks needs to coordinate with the width of your deck, which is the reason know the size of your deck when you go out to buy trucks.

Here is an overall aide on the distinctive deck and truck measures that are viable with one another:

While this rule is useful to get an overall essence of what width is appropriate for various decks. We recommend you likewise investigate the deck size ideas by the producer.

Deck Width Truck Width
7.4” – 7.75” 5.0”/129mm
7.75” – 8.125” 5.25”/139mm
8.125” – 8.75” 5.5”/149mm
8.75” – 9” 5.75”/159mm
9” – 9.75” 6.0”/169mm


As the name recommends, the risers give you somewhat additional tallness while likewise going about as safeguards. Risers are normally made of hard plastic or elastic. The thicker the riser, the more shock it assimilates.

The riser as of now accompanies screw openings, and you can introduce it between the baseplate and the deck of your board. These are discretionary and don’t should be introduced. Nonetheless, assuming you need a smoother rider and don’t care for feeling the vibrations, we recommend getting a riser.

Also, the utilization of risers relies upon your wheels. In the event that you have bigger wheels, you might require risers to guarantee a smoother ride.

A portion of the new trucks come in different shapes and may not need a riser. We propose actually looking at the determinations of your board and of your trucks before you choose to buy a riser.


The last thing you might need to consider is the material used to build your trucks. The better the quality, the higher the cost, obviously. In any case, if you can manage the cost of it, it would be great to put resources into top notch trucks.

You can browse different choices like steel, aluminum, and titanium. The last option will be more expensive yet will furnish you with durable and strong trucks.

Additionally, remember what we referenced before about the head boss. You should don’t think twice about the nature of at minimum the head boss as it holds the parts of your trucks together.

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Which Type of Trucks Are Better for My Skateboard?

You want to take a gander at your inclinations when searching for the best skate trucks for yourself. We recommend going over our aide above to get to know the parts of skateboard trucks and their utilization.

This will assist you with understanding the significance of every part. Two things that you want to check out to sort out what kind of trucks turn out best for you is the stature and the width.

Your trucks’ stature should be viable with the sort of wheels you have on your skateboard. This is additionally associated with the sort of skating you like.
Then, you want to guarantee the width of your trucks is viable with the width of your deck. We’ve remembered an overall aide for truck and width guide over that you can investigate reference.

At the End

We’ve inspected probably the best skateboard trucks in the market to assist you with tracking down the ideal trucks for yourself.

At this point, you’ve likely understood that the market gives a more extensive scope of items. You definitely need to know your own inclinations and what elements to investigate when buying trucks, and you’ll have the option to observe some to be acceptable skateboard trucks for yourself.

As per our examination, Thunder Unisex Team is probably the best truck. Not exclusively are they financial plan amicable, yet they additionally have top notch development. They’re solid and furnish skateboarders with a considerable amount of solidness.

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