Best Grip Tape for Skateboards

If you would rather not go taking off of your skateboard you should put resources into some quality grasp tape. Grip tape is fundamental for skateboards and not all grasp tape is made equivalent. With such countless various brands of grip tape – it tends to be difficult to pick the best one.

Regardless of whether you are a novice, a genius skater or searching for the best grip tape to voyage – Here are the advantages and disadvantages of various grasp tape to assist you with observing the best grasp tape for skateboards and longboards for your riding needs.

What might perhaps turn out badly without a couple creeps of grip tape? It ends up, a great deal.

A grip tape is significant for erosion between your shoes and the skateboard to keep up with balance while skating.

A lot less complex than direction and other board parts, grip tape can represent the moment of truth your skating experience. Indeed, even the most experienced skateboarders hazard wounds without polishing off their sheets with it.

In this post, we have assembled the best skateboard grasp tape choices for you. These grip tapes will convey all you really want for an impeccable and safe skating experience.
In case you are a novice, allude to the purchaser’s aide segment for start to finish of grasp tapes.

What is Grip Tape

Grip tape is a sharp grippy sandpaper-like paper with a cement tacky side that sticks to the deck of a skateboard or longboard. Grip tape is utilized for grasping to your shoes and keeping your foot firm on the skateboard deck.SKATEBOARD TAPE

Grip tape is fundamental as it gives foothold, mobility, wellbeing and permits you to do stunts by keeping your feet on the skateboard. Grip tape regularly accompanies plans that make it simple to recognize the nose and the tail of the board.

When riding a skateboard or longboard, your shoes need the grinding and opposition that grasp tape gives to ride securely, to remain on your skateboard or to hold the board whether you are cruising or doing ollies.

Types of Skateboard Grip Tape

Contingent upon how you anticipate doing your skateboard and longboard can assist you with concluding what is the best grip tape for you. There are various grains of grasp – thicker, medium and low contingent upon your inclination.

There are two principle kinds of grip tape: Less grippy grasp tape for cruising, longboarding and every day driving or Super Grippy Abrasive grasp tape for learning stunts and skating at the skatepark.

Grip Tape that will not annihilate your shoes

In case you are searching for a grasp tape that will not obliterate your shoes I prescribe a medium to less grippy coarseness grip paper like Grizzly Grip Tape, Jessup Grip Tape or Shake Junt Grip Tape.

In case you are searching for the best skateboard grasp tape that will not obliterate your shoes my first pick is Jessup Grip Tape. The coarseness is sufficiently smooth to hold you to your board without destroying your shoes.

Grip Tape for the novice

A great deal of new skaters need to skirt all of the fundamental stuff first like remaining on the board, falling effectively, pushing and turning, ollies and go directly to kickflips.

While doing amazing stunts is by all accounts a significant objective of a great deal of new skateboarders, sorting out some way to ride your board is fundamental.

The best grip tape for amateurs is a medium grippy grasp tape like Grizzly. The grip is squarely in the center so it is ideally suited for figuring out how to remain on your board will in any case grasp to your shoes enough to begin learning ollies and kick flips.

Is it accurate to say that you are a fledgling? Why not look at the post with regards to the best longboards for novices.

Grip Tape for Learning Tricks

Star skaters and skateboarders that do a great deal of stunts need a super grippy grip tape. The more hold on your board, the better it is for skateboard stunts and the more you will remain on your board.

The most elevated grasp tape, which is a top pick among geniuses and leisure activity skateboarders is Mob It offers a truly grippy grip that assists you with moving and stay in charge of your board as you do ollies and kickflips.

In case you are to a greater extent a fledgling and aren’t sure where to put your feet I suggest Shake Junt and Grizzly. The grasps are somewhat less forceful yet the lettering on the tape makes it simple to arrange your feet accurately for stunts.

Grip Tape for Street Skating, Cruising and Commuting

Somebody who is utilizing their skateboard and longboard for cruising, driving and day by day road skating probably won’t require grip tape that is as sharp and grippy as a skateboarder hoping to do ollies.

Be that as it may, certain individuals need a truly hard core grasp tape like Vicious. It’s is so tacky and made for downhill longboarding – which keeps your feet on the board as you coast through the roads.

The best grasp tape for road skating, driving and cruising is a lighter to medium coarseness grip tape. You actually need to adhere to your board so you can acquire speed while you voyage.

We suggest utilizing Grizzly Grip Tape, Jessup, Black Widow or BooTaa tape for cruising and longboarding.

The most famous grasp tape for cruising is Jessup and Black Widow as they are sufficiently able to keep you on your board, develop speed and fit entirely on cruisers and longboards.

What You Need to Know Before Buying the Grip Tape of Skateboards

When purchasing grasp tape, some significant factors like aspects, plan, glue strength, and application can significantly affect your general tape

Beneath, we will take you through this large number of elements so you realize what to pick.

The Right Size

You really want to pick the right size grasp for your board, or, more than likely you will have discarded your cash. An ordinary skateboard requires a tape that actions somewhere around nine inches wide and 33 inches long. This standard size will fit practically all standard measured decks with practically no difficulty.

Despite the fact that we have a thought of a standard size, there may be some grip tapes that will not accommodate your board. Furthermore, in the event that you pick a grasp tape that is precisely the same size as the board, it will not fit as expected as a result of the board’s sunken shape.

The arrangement? Get it together tape which is an inch or two more extensive and longer than your board. It will give you a lot of room on each side and guarantee that the deck is covered effectively.

In case you are befuddled, go for a bigger sheet, one which is made for longboards and cruisers. Or then again, in the event that you have a more modest measured tape lying around, you can go somewhat bigger than the past tape and enjoy some DIY cutting and fitting.

The Right Stickiness

The following element that will influence your skating experience is the tenacity of the tape. The right sort of tenacity will guarantee unwavering quality and life span as the solid glue will keep the sheet flawless to the board.

A strong grasp tape cement can likewise withstand climate and water misuse, just as outrageous temperatures. It will not allow the sheet to strip off from the edges in stormy or sticky climate.

Aside from that, the cement additionally forestalls tearing and air pockets in the grasp tape, so you don’t need to think twice about your solace and equilibrium. Be that as it may, an excessive amount of tenacity likewise implies you should stick it directly on the primary attempt since it will be difficult to eliminate.


Your skateboard ought to mirror your style and character, be it moderate or doused in rainbow tones. Along these lines, pick a shading or delineation that coordinates with your stylish and your skating climate.

For example, skateboarders may lean toward riding a Grizzly Grip Tape board at the recreation center more than one with a plain dark grasp. Or then again the reverse way around. So, this region completely relies upon your own style and inclinations.

As you might have seen, we have discussed sharpness and coarseness in our audits above. That is on the grounds that the sharpness decides the sort of grip you will get from the tape.

Proficient skaters incline toward a forceful grip, which will assist them with their flip stunts by giving them more control. Notwithstanding, this sort of grasp will immediately shed your shoes in case they are not expressly intended to withstand coarse surfaces.

A medium/moderate grip is best for cruising over significant distances as it gives a respectable measure of equilibrium and grasp without obliterating your footwear. Since most skaters fall somewhere close to stars and novices, these grasp tapes on our rundown will fit numerous inclinations.

All things considered, the grasp boils down to each individual skater. What’s more, you may need to go through experimentation before you track down the right sharpness. You can begin with the Grizzly Grip or Black Diamond Sheet Grip Tape, then, at that point, pick your next tape likewise.

skateboard grip tape

Does likewise Grip Tape Works for Longboards As Well?

You don’t really require an alternate grasp tape for longboards. You should simply ensure you are getting the right size of tape, one which accommodates your longboard totally.

You will possibly require an alternate grip tape in case you are a declining skater. For that, you should go for a lot more honed grip, and not the ones on our rundown.

Indeed, even with coarser tapes, the guidelines continue as before. You can follow our Buyer’s Guide to pick the right one for your longboard.

What is the Price from Expect When Buying a Grip Tape’s Perspective?

A normal grip tape costs around $10 or significantly lesser for a fundamental plan. If you go for more redid choices with an assortment of shading choices, it will cost you around $15.

A large portion of these grasp tapes on our rundown fall in the $10 to $15 value range.

You really want a bigger grasp tape for longboards, which will set you back a touch more than the standard-sized grip.

The declining skateboards require more keen grip tape, which will cost much more than the choices above. The low-end choices start from $15, while the very good quality choices go up to $30.

How to Make Sure Your Grip Tape Lasts Long?

Assuming you need your grasp tape to keep going you quite a while, you should deal with it, very much like your skateboard.

You can do that by staying away from puddles, mud, residue, and whatever could stall out on your shoes and get on your grasp tape. You should be extra-cautious in the first place, yet you will before long become acclimated to keeping it clean.

Also, grasp tapes draw in dust rapidly, so cleaning is important once in a while. In the event that your grip tape actually winds up getting exceptionally messy, here’s the manner by which you can clean it.

What is the Right Time from Change Your Grip Tape’s point of view?

How frequently you will be changing the grip tape will rely upon the amount you skate. If you skate a great deal, you will wind up with no grip surprisingly fast.

Notwithstanding, in the event that you don’t skate too oftentimes, you most likely will not at any point need to change the grip tape on a similar load up.

How Might I Keep My Grip Tape Clean?

In this way, you missing mindedly ventured into gunk and afterward onto your skateboard. The gunk covers the grains on the grip, and it before long loses its sharpness. What do you do now?

Evaluate these simple methods for cleaning the gunk from your grasp tape.

Utilize a Grip Cleaner – It is the most straightforward method for cleaning a grasp tape. Just rub on the piece of elastic to get the soil out. The cleaner is fast and simple to utilize, and we accept that each skateboarder ought to have one of these in convenient.

Utilize a Coarse Brush – It works for most grips yet is no picnic for the grains. It may decrease the hold’s sharpness over the long haul, so you would rather not use it too oftentimes, except if you wouldn’t fret a smooth grasp.

Utilize a Toothbrush – If you don’t have a grip tape cleaner, attempt a toothbrush. Wet the brush and focus on it roundabout movements. The strokes on the brush scour out the residue, however it takes more time to clear out all of soil.

Which Cleaning Method to Use for Skateboard Griptape?

A grip tape cleaner is the most ideal method for cleaning your grasp tape. It doesn’t harm the tape or leave soil in the grains.

Essentially scour the grasp utilizing the elastic piece and spot it with a paper towel a while later.

What is the Best Way from Replace Griptape’s point of view?

To begin with, remove the trucks. Then, at that point, heat the grasp tape utilizing a hairdryer or anything comparative. Then, slide your blade under the grasp tape from the edge of the board.

Continue to warm the tape as you go until you have stripped off every one of the edges. Presently, sit tight for a couple of moments and hotness up the highest point of the board. The entire grasp should fall off in one draw.

In the event that it doesn’t, keep warming until every one of the pieces fall off.


All of the grip tape brands we’ve investigated are ones we suggest. Contingent upon your skating or longboarding needs an alternate grasp tape may turn out best for you.

Every one of the diverse grasp tapes has their advantages and disadvantages however there are two that stand apart the most.

Our unmistakable champ is the Grizzly Grip Print Grip Tape, which offers agreeable, sans bubble application and different highlights, which gives it an edge over its rivals.

The better jewel coarseness with expanded grain gives the perfect grasp to relaxed and experienced skaters. It gives substantially more equilibrium than the thicker grasps that lose their sharpness after some time.

The moderate plan will add an expert touch to your board, and we love the blue-green stamp on the tape. It additionally assists you with rapidly sorting out the right half of the board.


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