High Trucks VS Low Trucks

It’s pivotal to consider all skateboard parts prior to settling on a buying choice, and a truck is one of them. It decides the state of the construction and stature that have various effects on your rides.

Clearly, high trucks will make a more extended distance between the deck and the ground, while low trucks will abbreviate it. Be that as it may, which is the best for you? How about we begin with the essential data of each truck!

A many individuals have gotten some information about this, so I chose to elevate it to a full scene with examination and everything rather than simply rambling.

So the primary thing I needed to do is really sort out what the thing that matters is among high and low trucks. Also, this was harder than I suspected. I couldn’t observe any brands presently selling high, low, and mid trucks that really list specs on their sites. I glanced through true locales and online skate shops, and just couldn’t track down anything. Destructo, for instance, has a huge load of various truck lines, and essentially no data about them by any means. Be that as it may, I do a few models.

So what does this all mean? What amount do you feel that distinction? Well the contrast between the most elevated and least trucks I just discussed is 9.5mm, or a little more than 33% of an inch. It’s truly not so much. Yet, 33% of an inch is a great deal in skating. It’s the distinction between a 7.75, which is the thing that I skate and a 8.1. It’s a 50mm wheel versus a 59.5mm wheel.

This sort of blows me away. Individuals have their wheel inclinations down to a solitary millimeter. Remember – a large portion of the additional tallness will be over the pivot and half beneath, so the board will in reality just be a half millimeter higher. Switch truck brands, however, and you may be up or down 3 or 4 millimeters – and it’s absolutely impossible to know, since this numbers are not recorded more often than not.

Overview On High Trucks

Basically, high trucks will make your deck farther from the beginning, you stand taller than on the low ones. Contingent upon the producers, high truck tallness isn’t something very similar. You can allude to the details of some well known brands:


  • Size 5.0 High: 53 mm

  • Size 5.25 High: 53.55 mm

  • Size 5.8 High: 53.55 mm


  • Size 145 High: 50 mm

  • Size 147 High: 50 mm

  • Size 148 High: 50 mm

  • Size 149 High: 52 mm

  • Size 151 High: 52 mm


  • Size 139 Standard: 55 mm

  • Size 149 Standard: 55 mm

  • Size 159 Standard: 55 mm

  • Size 169 Standard: 55 mm


The low speed of high trucks is more reasonable for amateurs and will not cause you to let completely go. High trucks are appropriate for various sizes of wheels. They limit wheel nibble circumstances – one of the normal variables influencing your ride execution. The enormous separation from your deck to the ground will work with your route all the more helpfully and without any problem. Weight is uniformly circulated across the truck to adjust the focal point of gravity and forestall harm to bolts. Reasonable for downhill styles with low speed and adaptability in exploring.


You can’t ride at the most noteworthy speed like what low trucks give you. It’s difficult to do stunts or strategies with high trucks. The stature will constrain you to deal with moves like ollie, kickflip, and so forth. The distance between the deck and the ground is somewhat far, causing you to feel somewhat flimsy from the start.

Overview On Low Trucks

In opposition to high trucks, low trucks will lessen the distance of the deck to the ground with their lower stature. Some low trucks aspect from brands that you can consider to coordinate with your deck size:


  • Size 5.0 Low: 48 mm

  • Size 5.25 Low: 48 mm


  • Size 145 Low: 47 mm


  • Truck Size 139 Low: 48 mm


  • Size 5.0 Low: 46 mm

  • Size 5.25 Low: 46mm

  • Size 5.5 Low: 46mm


Low trucks support you to ride at a higher speed than high trucks. It will be more clear for you to do stunts with a low truck. In any case, it isn’t the fundamental variable as you ought to think about others too, like the skateboard’s weight. You can perform different procedures, and edge crushes better with low trucks. That is the reason experts incline toward them. With low trucks, the deck is nearer to the ground, and you can change the gravity of your body when riding effectively and helpfully.


High paces that low trucks make can be hazardous, particularly for the people who aren’t capable in utilizing a skateboard. Not for downhill style when you want to control capably and guarantee security in sharp corners. Weight dispersion when utilizing low trucks isn’t on par with high ones. It centers the power primarily around the bolts that can harm your skateboard whenever utilized for quite a while at fast. Wheel chomp circumstances generally occur.

Who Should Choose High Trucks?

Above all else, high trucks are great for novices. In spite of the fact that you might observe that the stature of the deck further off the ground can make it hard to adjust, truly this plan is more strong.

Amateurs will see it more straightforward to explore with such a tallness. Simultaneously, it will decrease the wheel nibble that can adversely influence your ride.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you’re medium to tall, pick high trucks. With the upside of having long appendages, it will not be an issue for you to hold and control the skateboard tail.

What’s more, high trucks are for the people who use longboards. Their tallness will be reasonable to adjust the length and huge size of the longboard easily.

Who Should Use Low Trucks?

For youngsters, low trucks are simpler and more secure to control. So assuming your youngsters are interested and eager to begin skating, furnishing them with a low-truck skateboard is great.

Plus, we as a whole realize that performing stunts and testing strategies can be upheld well with a low truck. In the event that you train like a professional and need to improve your capacity to a higher level, supplant your skateboard with a great low truck.

Riding at rapid is what you generally focus on? The low truck will be your rescuer, which will fulfill your craving with “sharp” cornering. Additionally, cruising, cutting, or road styles will coordinate with the low trucks well.

Tips On How To Choose High And Low Trucks

Not every person realizes how to pick the right one for their skateboards, particularly novices. The following are a few hints that will make life a lot more straightforward for you while picking between high versus low skateboard trucks.

Actually look at Your Deck Size

There is no question that the truck will straightforwardly influence the strength and turning span of your skateboard. Hence, you really want to actually look at the size of the deck first prior to picking.

A valuable tip you can remember is that the more extensive and longer the deck, the taller the truck. It’s ideal to gauge the base width and wheelbase precisely.

high trucks or coming up short on skateboard

Your Ability

What is your level at present? It is safe to say that you are an amateur or currently capable in utilizing and controlling the skateboard?

Assuming that you’re a fledgling, pick a marginally taller truck. It will work with you to become accustomed to and control the skateboard and cutoff the wheel nibble circumstance that numerous fledglings face.

Actually, low trucks are liked by experts. They will be enthusiastic about high rates and performing testing strategies and deceives, and low ones are dependable allies for this situation.

Riding Style

Not surprisingly, assuming you need to ride road skating style or cruising, low skateboard trucks can uphold you more. Interestingly, high trucks are the best decision for downhill skating.

Downhill skating

The decision is adaptable and reliant upon your requirements. That is the reason you can consider which style you typically perform prior to searching for the fitting truck’s tallness.

Wheel Size

As we’ve said again and again, the truck’s tallness and wheel size will impact one another. You can pick one between high versus low trucks dependent on the wheel size or the other way around, at any rate ensure you get the right one to try not to influence the productivity of the outing.

Skateboard wheels

With high trucks, observing the reasonable size will not be an issue. You can gather them with little or enormous wheels with next to no feelings of dread of wheel chomp or unbalancing.

Nonetheless, you should focus when utilizing low trucks. They function admirably with little wheels (from 50 mm to 53 mm in distance across) yet not bigger wheels (from 55 mm on).

Should I ride High or Low Trucks?

Everything boils down to individual inclination and you will find your prefered set up at last. Neither truck statures will fundamentally be better compared to the next and truth be told, there are more significant persuasive variables to consider, similar to truck width and wheel size. In any case, as a harsh aide: Tech skater at a skatepark doing flips and edge grinds -Try Low trucks. Transition skater, bowls, pools, free trucks, enormous ollies, road skating -Try High trucks.   This is an unpleasant size guide for truck statures by brand:


Brand Size Type Height Hanger Width
Venture 5.0 Low Low 48 mm 5.0″ (128 mm)
5.0 High High 53.5 mm 5.0″ (128 mm)
5.25 Low Low 48 mm 5.39″ (137 mm)
5.25 High High 53,5 mm 5.39″ (137 mm)
5.8 High High 53,5 mm 5.9″ (150 mm)
Independent 129 Low Low 48 mm 5.0″ (128 mm)
129 Standard High 55 mm 5.0″ (128 mm)
139 Low Low 48 mm 5.39″ (137 mm)
139 Standard High 55 mm 5.39″ (137 mm)
144 Standard High 55 mm 5.625″ (143 mm)
149 Standard High 55 mm 5.9″ (150 mm)
159 Standard High 55 mm 6.15″ (156 mm)
169 Standard High 55 mm 6.5″ (160 mm)
Thunder 143 Mid 50 mm 4.5″ (115 mm)
145 Low Low 47 mm 5.0″ (128 mm)
145 High Mid 50 mm 5.0″ (128 mm)
147 High Mid 50 mm 5.39″ (137 mm)
148 High Mid 50 mm 5.67″ (144 mm)
149 High Mid 52 mm 5.9″ (150 mm)
151 High Mid 52 mm 6.15″ (156 mm)
Royal 5.25 Standard Mid 52 mm 5.39″ (137 mm)
5.5 Standard Mid 52 mm 5.85″ (149 mm)
Tensor 5.0 Low Low 46 mm 5.0″ (127 mm)
5.25 Low Low 46 mm 5.25″ (133 mm)
5.25 Regular Mid 52 mm 5.25″ (133 mm)
5.5 Low Low 46 mm 5.5″ (140 mm)
5.5 Regular Mid 52 mm 5.5″ (140 mm)
5.75 Regular Mid 52 mm 5.75″ (146 mm)
6.0 Regular Mid 52 mm 6″ (152 mm)
5.50 Mid 52 mm 5.5″ (139 mm)


As a researcher – not a physicist – my hunch is that low trucks would be better for sliding and control, while higher trucks would take into account conceivably looser feel and better cutting. I might truly want to talk with some expert skaters on the matter, since the web makes guarantees every which way. I might likewise want to plan a legitimate trial with an accomplished skater, utilizing indistinguishable sheets and wheels. It would likewise be intriguing to perceive how enormous versus little wheels perform at every one of the distinctive truck statures.

Those meetings and science investigations should be put something aside for a future blog entry. Glad Skating.

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