Skateboard Size Guide – What You Need to Know

Skateboards arrive in an assortment of sizes to oblige an assortment of skaters and riding styles. The size (alongside the state) of your skateboard figures out how you can manage it. More limited, smaller skateboards (standard sheets or shortboards) are better for specialized riding and deceives.

More extensive, longer skateboards (longboards and long cruisers) are better for dependability and driving. When you know what you need to do on a skateboard, you can stress over observing one to be that is the perfect fit. Today, what we consider as a “standard skateboard” is a popsicle-formed board with kicktails at the two finishes that is best for free-form, road riding, park riding, and deceives.

Standard sheets are otherwise called shortboards to recognize them from longboards, regardless of being the norm. Any skateboard between these lengths and widths is viewed as ordinary skateboard size. The width of a skateboard is a higher priority than its length. Width is the thing that fits the skateboard to the skater.
In any case, as width builds, length likewise normally increments.  The fitting width of a skateboard is controlled by numerous variables, above all riding style and skater inclination. However, when you are first figuring out how to skateboard, the suitable skateboard size is the board that best accommodates your feet.

Chart Size of Skateboards

At the point when you’re discussing skateboard size, you’re truly discussing the size of a skateboard’s deck. The parts of a skateboard are fitted to the deck and the deck is fitted to the individual. In case you are looking for your first board, here’s some broad estimating direction:

Deck Length Width Men’s Shoe Women’s Shoe Youth Shoe
Micro 26-28” <6.75” X X Under 1Y
Mini/Youth 28-29” 7-7.4” X Under 7 Under 5.5Y
Full-Size 30-32″ 7.5-8.5” 6 7 5.5Y

What Size Skateboard Is Better for Me?

Skateboard estimating direction can be useful. Knowing what various sizes of skateboards are best for can assist you with choosing a shortboard or a longboard, a restricted width or a wide one. Yet, all things considered, skateboard measuring is genuinely emotional. Indeed, it’s nice to have a board that is more straightforward to push and to stop on, however riding style and utility additionally matter.

Assuming you need to ride free-form and learn stunts, you’ll ordinarily profit from a more limited, smaller skateboard. Yet, not generally.

SkateboardsHeavier individuals and individuals with bigger feet can experience difficulty landing stunts on restricted decks. Assuming you need to utilize your skateboard for transportation, a longboard or enormous cruiser will give you greater solidness and smooth out your ride. In any case, more diminutive individuals might find bigger sheets harder to control and have better encounters on more limited sheets with smaller widths.

Tracking down what skateboard size is best for you is a ton of experimentation, however the following are a couple of general measuring rules for a few (somewhat) normal skateboard deck sizes.

What Size Skateboard Should I Get

Picking a skateboard doesn’t mean you select the coolest one out of the shop. A great deal of examination goes into picking the right one. It relies upon the kind of skateboard, your style, your experience level, and where you generally training.

Allow us to help you through the interaction, while you can likewise go through an enlightening YouTube video.

The Right Sized Deck

A skateboard deck is a real stage on which you remain on and ride. On the off chance that it’s excessively wide, you will want to apply more power. What’s more, if excessively limited, comparative with tallness and shoe size, you will feel unsteady. Subsequently, this is a significant stage.


Deck sizes come in little, large scale, smaller than usual and full. Remembering the rider’s age, tallness, and shoe size.


Miniature skateboards accompany a width of 6.5 crawls to 7.5 inches. This is ideal for little youngsters (as long as five years of age) with shoe size 0 to 3, and stature around 3 feet and 4 inches.

Small scale:

Scaled down skateboards accompany a width of 7 inches. The size is ideal for more seasoned children (six to eight years of age) with shoe size 4 to 6, and stature around 3 to 4 feet.


Medium skateboards accompany a width of 7.3 inches. This is ideal for youngsters matured nine to twelve years with shoe size 7 to 8, and stature around 4 feet to 5 feet.


Medium skateboards accompany a width of 7.5 inches. This is ideal for grown-ups with shoe size 9 or over, and stature in excess of 5 feet and 3 inches.

The normal width of a deck is 7.5 to 8.25 inches. While picking a deck, give inclination to the width over length. Pick the right width considering your tallness and shoe size.

Any other way, the stunts will become more diligently to perform. High schooler and grown-up rider incline toward 7.5 inches wide deck. Bigger skateboarders, skating slopes and vertical inclines require a more extensive deck, while road skaters generally need a more modest deck.

Shape and Style of Decks

Notwithstanding various kinds of skateboards, you can likewise find skateboards accessible in generally four normal shapes. These shapes and styles are intended to take into account diverse skating styles.

Pick a board that coordinates with your style; when this progression is done, pick the parts, and totally finish the entire set up.


These are the most limited styled skateboards. They are explicitly made for the geniuses and specialists who need to perform deceives and need to get additional time noticeable all around.


The subsequent normal sort is Cruiser board that accompanies kicktails. They are a superior fit for individuals who need to go around on their skateboards. They are known for their quick speed and adaptable development, while the decks of these skateboards much of the time are of mid-length.

A genuine illustration of an ideal skateboard cruiser is Retrospec Zed Bamboo, accessible in 18 distinct tones and styles.

Old School

These for the most part accompany kicktails and a level nose. They are additionally uneven and have a wide nose. In case you are an entertainer at inclines or skating pools, old educational committees are the perfect fit for you.


In the event that you just need a skateboard for transportation, this is a fantastic choice. Notwithstanding, you can likewise utilize these skateboards for downhill dashing. For this, you can search for downhill longboards.

These accompany an even shape, wheel patterns, and sit lower to the ground. As they have patterns for wheels, you can add bigger wheels to speed up.

Longboards are additionally a decent choice for fledglings, permitting them a decent space to adjust them. On the off chance that searching for a decent skateboard as a novice, here is a rundown of best skateboard for novices.


For deciding the truck size, allude to your deck size. The length of the hub should coordinate with the deck width.

This implies that once you introduce trucks, they should fit with appropriately as indicated by the width of the deck. They ought to be in arrangement with one another. For example, for a standard 8-inch deck, a truck-size of 149 ought to get the job done.


The distance between the internal mounting openings of your board is called wheelbase. This implies it decides the distance between the front and back wheels. By and large, the wheelbase goes from 13-crawls to 5-inches.

Assuming you need to change the wheelbase of your skateboard all alone, search for the decks with different wheelbase choices, or more than one bunch of openings on the deck. You might be astonished to discover that a slight change in the wheelbase can massively affect your skateboard performs.


There is a distinction between road skating and park wheels. Road skating wheels are ordinarily lighter and more modest contrasted with park wheels. This makes them responsive and simple to flip.

For skateboards, millimeters are utilized as a standard unit to gauge wheels. For road skating, you want wheels that reach from 49 mm to 52 mm. If there should be an occurrence of progress skating, you want wheels that reach from 54 mm to 60 mm. As these wheels are greater, they cover more surface region, permitting you speed for airs or snatches.

Skateboard Dimensions Beyond the Numbers

With regards to picking a skateboard size, there is no precise condition.



Fundamentally, it’s anything but something simple to compute.

At the point when you are initially beginning, simply get a board that is ideal for your feet.

When you begin to ride, you’ll find out about what you need to do on your skateboard.

Then, at that point, you can scale down or level up to meet your riding needs.

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